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  • I have tried many online vegetables and fruits but rarely are they grown by the vendor. This one, thus, stands apart. No matter what you buy from here, all is fresh and juicy! I will surely buy again. No longer would I now have to look for affordable organic produce.
    Alice Bailey
  • I was looking for affordable organic fruits and vegetables. However, it is a fact that organic items are a bit costlier than the normal ones. However, when you take from someone who grows their own, there is neither middleman nor operational hassles. This is one of them. I would recommend it to anyone.
    Doris Crackford
  • I am so crazy about organic and fresh produce such that I myself go out daily to buy them from my local farmers. However, I no longer have to do this in Melbourne, as now I have this digital companion who can deliver me instantly. I simply rely on this site for fulfilling my health goals.
    Brandon Rossier
  • I am much conscious about my aging skin and my skincare regimen. After consulting my dermatologist, I always prefer organic and natural produce grown in a healthy manner. I found that this site just perfectly does that.  It also delivers quickly and safely. A special remark for its packaging: Just caring and defending!
    Sara Mckennan
  • At first, I was suspicious when I first went through this site after my friend’s recommendation. What made me thought so was the fact that the vendor sells only what he cultivates. Now, this was hard to believe in today’s age. However, I had to believe when I ordered. Everything was so fresh and pure!
    Minerva Perrywinkle
  • I no longer believed in getting organic fruits online after being cheated twice. However, with this site, I now believe that purity still exists and it is only that we have to find it. Thanks to the owner – I am back to organic eating and healthy living. I mostly buy fruits that are truly fresh and luscious.
    Evan Rookwood

Straight from the Gardener’s Garden to the Kook’s Kitchen…We promise to eradicate multipliers from Mumbai’s sabzi market.

Veggies is Mumbai’s first online vegetable and fruit market which helps you buy best quality stuff at wholesale price. Products sold here are straight from the distributor’s basket which means no more middlemen or multipliers to create false inflation.

Veggies assure you to deliver best quality vegetables and fruits at wholesale rates and we mean it when we talk about wholesale rates. Our distribution channel work between Churchgate to Bhayandar and we promise delivery within the selected delivery slot time

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