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March 16, 2019
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July 12, 2019

Presently due to the joint venture of TID and CDL, Punggol district has got one of the best Townships in entire Singapore. Piermont Grand is considered a township where you will be able to get innovative facilities along with the excellent natural environment. It is a perfect place for those who are stressed due to the busy streets of the city and wish to live at a calm location.

Various amenities that you would cash in

Great connectivity

Professional builders of TID and CDL are planning to build an MRT station near the coast of Punggol which would save the time of residents to visit different parts of Singapore. The Township is located at the vicinity of MRT railway and bus station of Punggol. Apart from these stations, residents of Piermont Township will also be able to use some other rail stations viz. Nibong LRT, Sumang LRT, etc. Moreover, the Township is located in the vicinity of Tampines Expressway. Thus, you will find it easy to reach the airport and to the metropolitan city.

Various facilities for residents

In Piermont Township, residents will also be able to use the tennis court, gym, courthouse, swimming pool, barbeque pits for outdoor parties, playground for children, etc. The Punggol Plaza is only a few blocks away from the residential condos. Thus, you will find great ease to have weekend outings with your friends and family members.

The township will also get NTUC finest which would be in operation around the clock and you can purchase groceries anytime you like. One will also get an impeccable facility of HDB blocks as well as several coffee shops and food stalls where you can eat ethnic and exotic cuisines. Piermont also has a facility of Heritage Trail and a Market Village; these places will give you a chance to be out in the open with your family and friends. In these places, you will get a lot of greenery and halcyon environment which will give you tranquility and relief.

Great options to choose from

At the Piermont Township, you will get a chance to choose excellently made executive condominiums for which CDL and TID builders have been awarded BCA awards. These condominiums have various types of floor planning which are suited for couples and joint families. You will also get fully furnished interiors which are fitted with luxury fixtures and fittings.

Good for growth of your children

CDL and TID builders are planning to construct premium schools in the Township which would be fully digitalized. Thus, your child would be able to study in an innovative manner. In Piermont Township also has a Town Hub facility where your child will get excellent healthcare facilities. You will also be offered Regional Sports center where your child can do various physical activities which are very essential for the overall growth of a person.

Opportunities for corporate executives

Expert builders of CDL and TID have planned to make JTC Business Park and Singapore Institute of Technology is planning to bring its campus in the Township. Thus, by 2013 it is estimated that Piermont Township will create more than 25,000 jobs. Professionals will be able to work in prestigious companies as many MNC’s and IT companies have plans to set a campus in the vicinity of EC condominiums.

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